Witchcraft 101
Are there any books you could point me towards that are about only witchcraft itself? It's hard to find good ones that cover witchcraft without being completely Wicca centered. Preferably something that doesn't require god or goddess..?

I’m gonna be honest with you. I’ve never encountered a book that was completely secular. So I when I find a book (that isn’t misinformed garbage) I normally just skip around the bit about deities unless its something I can use.

You kind of have to pick and choose what you need out of the books available. Or you can always find blogs online about the subject. I can guarantee that there are blogs about secular witchcraft.


I had a nice response all typed up, and my phone ate it. But… yeah, what Luna said. The thing is, good and reliable books printed for mass market just don’t really exist. Not when it comes to witchcraft. Not even the books on Wicca, according to a number of wiccans I personally trust. They don’t sell well, so they’re not printed. Simple as that. There are a number of secular bligs available, as Luna stated. Many of them are here on tumblr. I would link to a few if I could remember names (stuck on mobile and have literally forgetten my own name at times) but trying to remember them might end badly. —godswalkwithher
If a spell calls for a candle does it matter if the candle is scented? A spell I've been shopping for calls for a candle thats solid red (not red coating white wax) and all the non scented ones I have found so far are just coated red..

As someone who uses candles on a fairly constant basis in spellwork, I can say that it has never made a difference in my own personal work.
With that said, there are people who swear it does.
Take that a step further, and there are people who insist that the scent of the candle can either make or break the spell.
My advice? Try it. Take notes: the candle, scent, brand, whether the spell worked or not, and adjust as needed to make it work -for you- (in other words, try, then personalize) .


I second everything she just said. But if you wanna go the extra mile if you’re doing a spell working with a deity or entity (not everyone does if this doesn’t apply then you can skip it) you can use a scented candle that is scented with something that YOU identify with the deity in question.

Example: I use red cinnamon scented candles with Hekate because I personally identify cinnamon with Her.

It literally just depends on the person and/or deity.


Are there any uses or properties for dirt, mud, and muddy water? I've seen tons of resources on graveyard dirt and that dirt can be used to represent the element earth but not much else. Thanks!

I’m going to assume that any thing you can use a representation of the element earth that dirt would work. I also think that dirt or mud would work lovely in curses. But it’s all up to the person.


Anonymous asked witchcraft101:

I understand witchcraft is a constant practice and something you’ll continue learning throughout your entire life, but how long does one need to practice before their spells typicay get really effective if they’re a beginner?

Honest answer? It depends on the person. Some people are able to learn things and have constant success with them much more quickly than other people. Just like playing the piano, or baking a cake - some people can pick it up fairly immediately, and some people struggle for years before giving up the attempt. It just depends.


Could you give me some information on blood magic? It sounds really interesting and I'd like to know more about it. Thanks :)

Hmm. Well the only time I’ve ever used blood magic was in a curse. I don’t really know a lot about it so I can’t give you much information but I know some safety tips and those are always important!!

  • Always use a clean medical quality blade.
  • Always sterilize the area before and after.
  • Never let anyone else come in contact with your blood.
  • And make sure to keep cuts clean.

As always, “darker” magic needs a lot of research and safety. Also, as with sex magic, always make sure all parties involved are practicing informed enthusiastic consent.


Ohman. There’s a whole bunch of stuff to take into consideration. In fact, there was a fabulous post being tossed around tumblr some time ago that had a good dozen-ish things laid out in a wonderful fashion. And, of course, I can’t find it now.

I second everything Luna said, and then some:

  • be conscious of where you cut - some areas hurt like a son a gun but don’t bleed well. Other areas bleed like crazy but don’t hurt much. 
  • be conscious of how deeply you cut - lasting damage is not fun. Shallow cuts, or squeezing a finger and pricking with a pin (think like diabetes testing is done) is usually plenty.
  • blood can be binding - It’s easy to trace. It’s easy to track. That means if you’re casting a spell on someone, or cursing someone, or trying to bind someone/something, it can be followed back to you. Then that trail can be used to send something right back at you.
  • blood carries diseases - treat it accordingly

There’s a bunch more, but that’s all that’s coming off the top of my head.


I'm still a beginner of witchcraft and wanted to know if there are spells designed to help learn/ improve a skill? Example: drawing better, learning to play the guitar....

I’m sure there are. I’m sure that all of those skills will improve the same way your witchcraft will - with practice.


So I just kind of had a thing happen where two people I was living with showed themselves to be very toxic and moved out, leaving me alone in my home. I can easily afford this on my own, but their leaving without paying rent and taking their furniture left me a bit strapped for cash. I have been doing money magic lately to draw a little extra funds my way, and suddenly... (cont)

cont from previous) I have piles of cash falling on my head - $1000 immediately, $20,000 in a few months’ time and several hundred thousand to a million(!!) in four years. I am a secular witch, but I feel like I should thank SOMETHING for this amazing blessing. What do you think is the best way to show my gratitude to the universe?

First, apologies for this sitting so long. 

Second: if you’re a secular witch, and don’t necessarily have any particular deity/spirit/whatever to thank, why not donate a part of it? I’m sure there are local charities specifically designed to help people in your area. I’m also sure they would appreciate donations (which are also tax-deductible).


What's a "craft name" and how do you pick one/decide on one?

Well that depends. Some witches use the term “craft name” to describe their craft. (i.e Hedge Witch, Kitchen Witch etc.) But some witches use it as meaning the name that they go by in all Witchcraft scenarios. (Mine is Luna, obv.)

If you’re using it to describe your craft, it’s quite simple; just take any term you feel describes your craft and run with it. I identify as a Green Witch, because most of my work is outdoors/plant based. As for picking a special Magical Craft Name (copyright pending) there are many ways to go about it, Raymond Buckland has a very weird and complicated way using numbers and astrological signs. But I say screw all that, go with whatever name you feel fits you the best.

Best wishes, Luna.

Hello, I wanted to know if I can use spells not in my native language without translating them.. is that possible?

That honestly depends, deary. If the language you’re looking to use is from a closed culture then absolutely not you may not use it. Because that starts to turn into cultural appropriation. Also, I just wouldn’t recommend it because you have no idea what they’re actually saying. So you could be trying to do an anti anxiety spell and end up summoning a ancient Chinese deity to live in your pen or something.

0/10 would not recommend.


I am 100% with Luna on this one.

Don’t do the thing.

If you don’t know what you’re saying, you don’t know what the spell is for, or what it will do. Better to be safe and translate everything before use.


I was wondering if christian witches use witchcraft to worship god?

As far as I’ve come to understand it, they do. Your best bet for an answer to that is christowitch.